About Us

Vigour Personal Training will focus on your individual needs rather than just providing exercise sessions - So you can get the motivation and results your looking for!

VigourPT provides a comprehensive and personal approach to exercise, aiming to equip clients to live a healthier balanced life.

We create a friendly, personal and supportive atmosphere so that you will actually enjoy coming to training - and achieve your fitness goals faster.

VigourPT does not advocate quick fix training solutions or make empty promises. Our clients train with us longer than industry standards, enjoying their results and the warm, supportive atmosphere in our vibrant training studio and peaceful idyllic surroundings.

We consider this training environment and the fun personal attention we provide to you to be the greatest asset and primary advantage over all of our competitors.


Kaleen Studio

Kaleen studio provides all equipment required for a comprehensive fun, and effective workout. The studio offers a fresh clean environment free of big bulky machines you see at the gym, creating a 'more relaxed' space to train in.

Vigour personal trainings Kaleen studio is in an easy to get to location with plenty of parking and is set in an open idyllic area where you can train in the studio, outside or across the road on the Kaleen south oval.

The studio is located 10 minutes from the Canberra city (via Northbourne Avenue) and 10 minutes from the Belconnen shopping mall. (via Ginninderra drive)

There is a qualified trainer with you at all times to support and assist you throughout your workout, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of many of Canberra's oversubscribed health clubs. Guaranteed no waiting around to use the equipment.

Vigour personal training is focussed on providing a variety to exercise through our welcoming studio that enhances your training experience by working out in comfort and style.


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